• Stepping and unstepping of your mast.

• Mast Tuning
Your mast is your engine, our technicians have an extensive sailing background an can help you to set up the rig for more speed and comfort. 

• Rig inspections 
Our technician will carry out a full visual inspection of the mast, boom and associated hardware. A full report detailing any problems and the work necessary to rectify these issues will be made. 

• Refits
Rod rigging and wire rigging don’t last for ever. We can make a exact copy of your rigging in Rod or Wire. 

• Maintenance 
All rigging and sheaves are cleaned, inspected and if necessary we can talk about replacement of broken parts.
• Repairs
We know an accident can happen and things can break, we can help you to repair these damages so you can sail the next race or carry on with your holiday .

• modification
Modifications are always tailor-made by a pre-inspection. We will analyze the condition of the rig. 
Together with the client will be discussed things to be done to optimize the rig for years of problemfree sailing.

• Standing Rigging
Breskens rigging service can head nitronic rod up to #115
We also have a wire swage machine up to 16 mm.

• Running Rigging
We understand what is required for both power and sailing yachts. We source the best materials and use the latest splicing methods, as well as supply and produce rigging for all kinds of sailing vessels.